Why would you outsource your payroll?


You manage a small or large organisation, but you find you don’t have the extensive payroll knowledge to ensure that your workers are being paid correctly.

Time & Focus

You are more effective focusing on other aspects of your business and you just don’t have the time or resources.

Running costs

You are weighing up the costs of doing it yourself, what payroll software you would need and what extra cost would be involved to operate it.

Staff costs

You’re not sure if you can afford the overhead of employing someone to do it in-house. Also what happens if they are off sick or on holiday and unable to do the payroll for extended periods at a time?

Training costs

You would have to pay for extra training for them/you to stay up to date with the forever changing legislation.

Succession planning

Your current payroll person is coming up to retirement and you are wondering how you will achieve the transfer of their knowledge or ever replace them (if replacing them is still the best option).

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